About Us

Huizhou Besbelle Electronics Ltd. was founded in Nov.’2011, as a long board LED Flexible Strip contracted manufacture and producer.  It’s located in the Xinnanhong Industrial Park, Jiangjun Road of Huiyang district of Huizhou City.  

Our company focuses on the product quality and safety, we select long board FPC ( 5-25 meters ) to produce our LED strips. These new processes enable us to largely reduce the defects of manual welding, and finally improve the product quality and safety levels. 

Up to now, the High Voltage(110V-220V) LED Strip is regarded not safe enough, but it is able to be lightened for several dozens of meters with a single driver.  The Low (Safe) Voltage LED Strip is safe, but it is not able to be lighened for such long because of voltage dropping.  When using a single driver to run more than a 10-meter long low-voltage LED srtip, its end segments will have the LED brilliance obviously reduced. 

Now, we present you a new product to solve this problem.  The new product is the No-Voltage-Dropping LED strip. It is able to be run by a single driver for 25-meter long and with no LED brilliance reduced.